Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Wednesday!!

I'm back, blog world. Not that I actually have anyone who reads this, but hey, it's my life, so I can make it whatever I want it to be. And today I'm here to proclaim to the big green globe IT'S WEDNESDAY!! Soooo???

Wednesday=garbage day. The day my favorite garbage men take away all the crap that's cluttering up my life. I get to run through my house with empty bags and toss out everything and anything that isn't

A. useful

B. beautiful

C. makes me happy

I'll admit, this had gotten me into some trouble. In fact, my husband AND my BFF have even gone so far as to call me neurotic. (it drives me crazy when they have the same opinion, BFFs are supposed to back you up when the hubby won't) However, I saw their point when they pointed out that just because I don't find value in all of my husband's obscene amount of books (I only tried to pitch out two measly boxes), it doesn't give me the right to throw away someone else's stuff. Point taken, but the kids are fair game.

This all directly connects with my yurt-dwelling fantasy. Note that I used the word fantasy. I don't really believe that the six of us and our awkwardly leggy dog would fit nicely in a yurt, but it's the concept that is appealing. I would love to live with as little as possible~to be able to strip down the clutter until all you are left with are the people you love and some beautiful, practical things. That being said, the clock is ticking, and an empty bag is waiting.