Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The List

So I'm in a book club, and we do the obvious. . .read books. One month we read a book, I forget the name~I never finished it~it didn't hold my interest, but the whole premise had something to do with a life list. To make things fun, we all showed up with our own life list of things we would like to do before we die. Here is my list.

1. Put a trapeze up in my backyard (just a swinging trap~nothing fancy).

2. Live in a yurt.

3. Build a straw bale house.

4. Can something delicious.

5. Finish my degree.

6. Drop 15 lbs.

7. Complete an adventure race.

8. Kayak in Alaska.

9. Wear black leather pants (or chaps, but this is contingent on Ben owning a motorcycle).

10. Sew a funky apron.

I will add to this list from time to time, and perhaps I will write a blog post on WHY some of these things are on my list.

Now the big question is. . . What is on your list?????


kkoois said...

you and that yurt...

Jen said...

1. Drop 25 lbs.
2. Find a new BFF who is not obsessed with a yurt.
3. Travel somewhere.
4. Adopt some kids.
5. Get caught up on all my scrapbooks.
6. Learn how to sew.
7. Have my house completely decorated how I want it.
8. Go to culinary school.
9. Write a book.

Madeline said...

Yeah, you are pretty obsessed with those yurts... By the way, what IS a yurt?
I don't have a list. Even if I would have a list, I wouldn't know what to write! I am such a boring person!

Victoria D. said...

You should do a follow up on your list. I know you've crossed some of them off.