Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well folks, I'm sure you all are dying to know. . .How did it go? I can sum it up in one word. Beautifully. They were all in shock the first day. Millie kept coming in the living room and looking around. Like maybe it was hidden somewhere. This is a hoot as any of you know who have been in my house. My living room is about 12x15 with one couch, one chair, one piano, and one cedar chest in it. That's all. Nothing else. Nothing on the walls. No stupid knick-knacks. Nowhere to hide a huge freakin TV. I have to be honest. I worry about that girl sometimes. She continues to walk around saying things like "Mom, I miss our TV. The one that played my kid shows." As if she needed to clarify that she wasn't talking about the one that didn't happen to play her kid shows.

My other three kids made it in the house before me, and this is what I heard. "MOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!" They were panicked~asked a thousand questions~Madeline just kept giving me the evil eye. Then they declared that I will just have to wait until Daddy got home because he will set things right. He will march right down into that basement and bring up the TV. "Daddy is not going to tolerate this." (I don't know where they heard that before).

Well, Daddy did get home. And if I have to be perfectly honest with you, I really wasn't sure what he would do. He very well could have marched into the basement to retrieve the beloved TV. He is the man of the house. But he didn't. He didn't say a word about it. Shocker.

So it's been four full days of no television. Ben finished putting all the trim up in the living room. He painted the living room. I managed to organize my paperwork (this is a whole other blog post), I helped Madeline bake an apple pie, and I played football with the kids. Yes. That is what I said. I'll say it again. I PLAYED FOOTBALL WITH THE KIDS. And I liked it. Ben, however, did not play football with us. He was inside, and I'm pretty sure he was pouting because he couldn't watch football. In fact, that's how the whole football playing thing got started in the first place. He was crabbing about it and I said "You can't watch football, but we can PLAY football" in my best cheerleader voice. Yah, he didn't buy it, but by that time the kids were like "Oh my gosh, mom said she would play football with us. Mom, are you REALLY going to play football with us?" What choice did I have? Well, I'll tell you. I did have a choice. For a split second I thought "You (Ben) are being such a big jerky. Fine. We won't do anything. We'll just sit here and look at each other." But then I thought, OK, he's a bit miffed about not being able to watch football. I totally understand. But if I want a change to happen in the family then I need to make a change. With or without him. I need to be the good example here.

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways
And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change.

Dude, Michael Jackson wasn't always nutty.


Jen said...

You did NOT just quote Jacko. Ack. Glad to hear it's going well. . .I had to read your blog to find out. :-)

Mommy Brain said...

Interesting?!?! Hmmmm...that's one good man you've got there. Personally I was betting he would hit the roof...that's what would have happened over here. Good for you guys...sounds like things are getting done around there.

Victoria D. said...

I'll let the MJ quote slide as long as you don't get a scary nose job. Good for you guys! The next time I come over I probably won't even recognize your house.